Generate your social QR code.


  1. Sign in with facebook
  2. Choose a QRL name
  3. Enter the social pages you want people to fan or follow you on
  4. Add other websites you want people to visit
  5. Add vCard contact details for people to download on to their phone
  6. Copy the generated QRL code and paste it, print it, put it anywhere
  7. Manage multiple QR codes and view statistics on the number of scans, when and where


Quick Response Likes

OK, lets go.


  1. Find your QRL code on a business card, flyer, poster, tattoo, takeaway menu...
  2. Scan it with any smartphone
  3. They are taken directly to your QRL page containing social widgets, links and vCard download
  4. Like you, follow you, love you


  • As featured on theNextWeb.com - See it here
  • Watch our introduction video
  • View our example QRL page, or
  • Scan the QRL code below

QRL? Quick Response Like

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